How to increase the speed of a WordPress website

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Why does WordPress website speed matter? In the early days of the internet when dial-up modems were commonplace, websites were extremely small. Even so, some of us will remember going to put the kettle on while a website loaded slowly pixel by pixel! Now that we have faster internet connections, surely website speed isn’t as

The 3 best ways to use Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful free tool but can often seem overwhelming at first due to the sheer number of options available. But mastering a few tasks could be invaluable to your business. Here are the 3 things that we believe are essential to measure when seeking to optimise the performance of your site.

Is your website creating a positive or negative impression?

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The users of your website don’t have neutral impressions. They are either positive or negative. Some business owners say that their target audience “don’t care about design”. Unfortunately for them, this is a myth. Whether people understand design or not, they are subconsciously evaluating what they see against what they are used to seeing in